The program of “Adoption” is an innovative sponsoring opportunity of the Benaki Museum.
It enables donors to cover the costs of a Curatorial, Managerial or other positions on an annual basis. Each donor can select the department and activity of the Museum that wishes to support and see the contribution transforming into results, supporting the operation of the Museum. Sixteen such adoptions have been undertaken since the initiation of the program in 2012. 

For further information on how to participate in the sponsoring program please contact 212 6875299 and

Benefits for Sponsors:

1. Press release to announce the sponsorship cooperation
2. Press conference if the Department of Educational Programmes is sponsored
3. If an entire section is sponsored, the support given by the organisation concerned is displayed on a plaque. 
4. The Sponsoring Organisation’s logo is shown on the Benaki Museum website.
5. The sponsorship is announced on the sponsors page of the Benaki website
6. The sponsoring organisation’s contribution is announced on Department of Educational Programmes’ page on the Benaki website
7. A Newsletter announcing the sponsorship given by the organisation is distributed. 
8. The sponsorship by the organisation is announced on all the Museum’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
9.  The sponsorship given by the organisation is mentioned on all the printed material produced by the Department of Educational Programmes 
10. Guided tours are available for all the employees and associates of the organisation
11. Free hires of museum spaces and reductions in the cost of hiring additional spaces for exhibitions to be arranged by the organisation