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20 June 2018
ONE MINUTE ATHENS: Deadline extended to November 15th!

Following an increased interest in the last few days for the "One Minute Athens" competition, the submission deadline is extended to November 15, 2018. At the beginning of the autumn, the Benaki Museum received many requests from interested parties who were not able to submit their participation in due time. Therefore the Museum decided to extend the competition deadline so that those wishing to participate would have the opportunity to do so.



In the city.

Athens has as many faces as the eyes that gaze upon it: The Acropolis with the Anafiotika. Ancient monuments and modern apartment blocks, buildings neoclassical or modernist. Neighbourhoods, streets and squares. Architectural interventions, historical developments and random initiatives. Buildings bustling with life, others abandoned. Murals, graffiti, walls turned into myths.

The city from above, the city from within. Which is its architectural identity?

In the Modern Greek Architecture Archives of the Benaki Museum, Athens is omnipresent. It emerges from drawings, models, photographs and manuscripts, documents on the architecture and urban planning dating from the late 19th century to this day. The Benaki Museum team catalogues this valuable material in order to make it widely accessible. All the while, it wishes to share its love for Athens with you!



Through your mobile phone.

The public and private spaces of Metropolitan Athens emerge and get highlighted through your mobile phone camera. The Benaki Museum invites Athenians and all those who love the city as their own to send their ‘own minute’ of Athens: A silent video not exceeding 1 minute in duration, shot with any type of mobile phone in vertical format. We are inviting your view of Athens today, in particular your view of its architectural identity through animated images that focus on details of a subject that interests you and which you find worth focusing on (buildings, squares, monuments, interiors and exteriors, the beachfront, the city centre, etc.).

The most interesting entries will be selected by a jury, of two architects, Rena Sakellar;idou and Elena Zervoudakis, two film directors, Argyris Papathanasopoulos and Syllas Tzoumerkas and the curator of the event, film critic Theodore Koutsogiannopoulos. They will be showcased in December 2018 during a one-day conference and exhibition at the Benaki Museum / Pireos 138.


New submissions deadline: 15 November 2018


To participate, please complete the entry form and upload it with your video at an online file-transfer service (eg, WeTransfer, Google docs, FTP site etc). Then please send the download link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.